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Love scanner’s exact advertisement on Google search said the following ===================== “Completely Free Dating Meet Gorgeous Singles in Your Area. ” =============================== Love like I said previously is linked the cupid network and is not free at all, if you try to chat with anyone on the cupid network they present you with trial which requires your credit card is not at all free.

Now as many of us know there are free online dating networks such as plenty of fish which are about 90% free, on the other hand is not 100% free and I’m disappointed that they’re using false advertising to promote their website ranks in my top 10 dating networks personally I’m not a huge fan of the network but by no means will I call it a scam I just personally didn’t get the results I received when I joined Adult Friend Finder.

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If you’re going to sign up to I would avoid using altogether especially if they’re being deceptive with their advertising.

I personally don’t think them lying about being a “Completely Free Dating” site is necessary, that form of advertising in my opinion has no place online.

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Something else I was disappointed about was the fact that now I know was being deceptive on their advertisement which is something I frown upon.

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