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Archive for the 'Old Path (Ang Dating Daan)' Category.We are supporters of The Old Path, a radio-television program in the Philippines hosted by Bro.It is a broadcasting Company that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.It offers news, sometimes from within their Radio Studio.PTV or People's Television Network is a government TV network. The mission statement of the channel is: To serve primarily as a vehicle for the State for purposes of education, science and technology, arts, culture and sports in order to foster national pride and identity. Programs are aired internationally in various language formats, such as Tagalog, Spanish, and Portuguese.The Old Path TV is the English format of the Ang Dating Daan, a religious program hosted by Bro. UNTV is a major TV broadcast Network based in Quezon City.Eli Soriano, the only sensible evangelist living today.It will soon be known as The Old Path Channel via Globe Cast soon.

And when it comes to salvation, there is no better authority than the Bible.

an English-translated Bible Expositon hosted by Brother Eli Soriano We must learn how to discern the truth. We have to say it straight – no need to go around the bush. If you are courting a girl and you are writing a song for her, you can also be flowery.

But if you are going to speak of facts, you don’t have to be poetic or flowery, especially so if you are speaking of the truth that would save souls. It is something that ought to be taken seriously by all people who acknowledge the existence of God.

- Ang Dating Daan Webring - Tagalog. Eliseo Soriano, host of the television show "Ang Dating Daan.

uk Ang Dating Daan (The Old Path) is a Filipino media program that.

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