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"The guys are definitely planning to not have this be a one-time thing."Not only do we plan to do it as frequently as we can, but we are also encouraging some colleagues from the office to join us in the initiative."We also thought it would be awesome to be able to kayak to work 'just because we can', which definitely added to the fact." Work seems to have also been instrumental in this decision."Betsson started this initiative called 'The Training Challenge' which encourages us to exercise for eight weeks, so it definitely inspired us." Planning for a complete change in commute is not difficult as it might seem. "Pump up the kayak from the pier, kayak for 35 minutes to Ta' Xbiex, take a shower at the office and you're ready to work!For many people in Malta, the daily commute to work is not only dull, but an extremely frustrating routine that can make or break your mood for the rest of the day.

The Workmates app showcases who is out each day and why, whether they’re: Workmates can also schedule a leave status for a future date and have that notification show up on a specific date and time.

Over 50% of singles admitted to kissing a work colleague during the festive period and 30%, confessed to going all the way and sleeping with a work mate.

Should you decide to cross the line and have a clandestine affair with a workmate, have the following five things in mind: 1.

December means end of the year office parties and wild festive celebrations.

December is also the most popular time of year when people hook-up with their workmates.

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The app also allows for teammates to click on a workmate’s profile to show her list of calendar events.

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