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Replace your USB-webcam and integrated webcams now with wireless high-definition webcam.It's also a perfect baby monitor, spycam, security camera and pet cam.Although the camera has been mounted upside down, the software installed on its internal Web server lets us flip the captured image through 180 degrees to correct it. Unless you have a business broadband deal, it's unlikely you'll have a fixed IP address, so the address at which your router can be found over the Internet will change from time to time.This makes it impossible to guarantee that anyone wanting to access your webcam would be able to locate it using the same details each time.Try it now for free, just click 'Developer Apps' link. Lastly, making someone rate you to unlock features is so frigin lame, I can't describe it.UPDATE: I purchased the 5.99 version (red HD version) and the devs have not updated it since 2014 - it's now January 2016! - Upon installing the drivers, Norton Security removed the files as "Trojans" don't freak. Also, Windows 7 requires digital signatures on the software you install. After install, just open the app on your phone, open the software on your computer, make sure both devices are connected to the same network and you're good! Lastly, if you'll notice, the last update on this App is Oct 17, 2015. The rest of the world has since gone to i OS 10 and this still lags with no updates.

What might have cost £199 a couple of years ago can now be found for less than half that price, making them a viable choice for low-cost home security set-ups.

Weather, events and parades are just a few things people might be curious about and want to watch remotely.

A high quality live video feed is also a great way to get links back to your business and website!

Lastly, do you have a router (we recommend an AC Router), an Internet connection and an e-mail account? In here you’ll be guided to use your WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) button on your router and your camera for quick configuration.

WPS will automatically establish a connection between your camera and your router. mydlink is a free app for i Phone, Android and Windows 8 phones (don’t worryi Pad and Android tablet users, we have you covered too) that allows you to quickly and easily access your camera feed from anywhere with a Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G connection.

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People love high quality video, especially when it’s something they’re curious about.

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