5 widely believed dating myths

It is hard to know and see truth in history if several different groups write in same time from their perspective.

Another study found that people thought more about food, sleep, personal hygiene, social contact, time off, and even pregnant!

A more commonly heard myth is whether the Moon landing really happened as many believe it was all just a show.

And El Chupacabra which is a mythical monster that supposedly inhabits parts of Puerto Rico in Mexico made it on to the list too. Flushed water rotation is opposite in Southern Hemisphere10.

we know all there is to know about sexy sex time, we’ve all fell for at least a few of the most common myths.

Can you really guess a guy’s penis size by his shoe size? Here are some popular myths that are totally, 100% not true.

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If a woman is pregnant, she should still use protection while having sex if she wants to avoid superfetation, or conceiving while pregnant. “But if you ovulate more than one time a month — and women do — and a sperm happens to meet that egg and they, too, implant, guess what, you get a second fetus.

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