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Mr Mbugua's mother, 53-year-old Florence Nyambura, is so angry that she has refused to recognise Wambui as her daughter-in-law.She is furious that her son decided to marry without seeking her blessing, saying that Mr Mbugua already had a fiancee and planned to marry her next month.But recent and well-publicised marital troubles have thrown their status as a couple into doubt. Sam has shrugged off speculation over the age gap betweeen them, saying, "In the old days, 'controversial' in a relationship meant same-sex or mixed races. That would not happen with a man."Age difference: 32 years Joan and theatre manager Percy married in 2002 and have always dismissed questions over their three-decade age gap.Age difference: 11 years "Age ain't nothing but a number," Nick once said, when questioned by Oprah about the 11-year difference between him and Mariah. "I've always felt age shouldn't be a chronological issue," Joan once said.Age difference: 9 years The movie star and model separated in April 2010, after nearly five years and a daughter together.

Simply click on an image to launch the gallery Age difference: 15 years For several years, these two were held as an example of how major age gaps can work in Hollywood.NOTE: For those who might wonder why this article focuses only on straight men and women, it is because many of the issues in marrying an older person relate to pregnancy or health and there are significant gender differences in age-related health and sexuality. Mainly it's a visceral, physical thing although some men may value a younger woman because she is more likely to look up to him if only because he may have advanced more in his career.But there are reasons men should consider older women as a potential marriage partner.In August 2010, Michael Dunn of the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff completed and released the results of a study on age disparity in dating.Dunn concluded that "Not once across all ages and countries ...

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