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Paul Lafontaine, CEO of Habbo's parent company Sulake, said in a statement that the reason for unlocking the chat features was to enable Habbo's "global community of responsible and proud users" to debate how the site should be moderated in future.

The site's chat features have been muted since the airing of an investigation into "pornographic chat" aired in the UK last Tuesday on Channel Four.

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A recent poll conducted by Texans for Dan Patrick shows almost 70 percent of Texans support "passing a law to make it illegal for a man to enter a women's restroom." Shocker.

"They're not opposed to using what's available to them." Traffickers who once recruited victims in person now can use websites, apps, chat rooms and online groups, he said.

By Ellen Wulfhorst WASHINGTON, April 25 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Sex traffickers are growing increasingly adept at using sophisticated technological advances to exploit children, especially tools to hide their identity and encrypt data, according to a top FBI specialist.

Websites, chat rooms and virtual currency all are used by traffickers to hunt for victims and sell them, said Kevin Gutfleish, a specialist in violent crimes against children - including sex trafficking - at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

With 70 million messages exchanged every day on the network, commentators and experts have suggested that Habbo isn't doing enough to protect young children.

While the company maintains that the problems discovered by journalists were "a challenge for every social media community," criticism has focused on the site because of its popularity with young children.

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