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When using Consular dating the names of both consuls were given in the ablative case, followed by the word "consulibus (cos.)." So, 63 BCE would be "M. Therefore, "Kalendis Aprilibus," "Nonis Septembribus," "Idibus Maiis." Dates were given by counting, inclusively, backwards from the next reference day, putting this number, ordinally, in the accusative case, after the words "ante diem," excepting one case, which is the day before the referenced day, in which case rather than the number and "ante diem," the word "pridie" was used instead.

These days are the Kalends, the Nones, and the Ides. The Ides (Idus, "Id.") fall mostly on the 13th, but on the 15th in those months just mentioned.

Roma serves as writer-director on the project, which is about the close bond between a single mother (Erbe) and her gay son, played by newcomer Patrick Reilly.

The duo “navigate the world of online dating as they search for their versions of ‘Mr. Najimy will play a neighbor, with Iacono playing a potential love interest for Reilly. Najimy is represented by Abrams Artists Agency and Iacono is repped by Michael Einfeld Management.

Roman dates were given by using references to three sacred days which fall at roughly the same time each month. The Nones (Nonae, "Non.") fall mostly on the 5th, but on the 7th in March, May, July, and October.

So one does not say "the conspiracy of Catilina was thwarted in M. Antonio cos." but simply "the conspiracy of Catilina was thwarted M. Antonio cos." When using reference to the founding of the City (i.e., Rome), the accepted date is 753 BCE, which would make the year 2001, for instance, "2754." This number is given, followed by the words "anno Urbis conditae" or "ab Urbe condita" ("in the year of the founding of the City" or "from the City being Founded"), both abbreviated "a.u.c." The pre-Julian Latin name and forms are only given when in disagreement with the Gregorian equivalents.

Right.” Le Gros co-stars as Erbe’s love interest, Najimy as her neighbor, and Iacono plays the potential boyfriend of Reilly’s character.

Usually, instead of writing each word out, the words "ante diem" were abbreviated to "a.d.," "pridie" is abbreviated to "pr.," and the number was just given as a numeral.

Erbe starred for 10 seasons of “Law & Order: Criminal Intent.” She is repped by Innovative Artists; Le Gros is with Industry Entertainment; Najimy is represented by Abrams Artists Agency, Iacono is repped by Michael Einfeld Management and Reilly is with 44 West Entertainment.

Walsh writes that Romany Gypsy girls are supposed to get married between the ages of 16 and 18, and that many Romany Gypsy men look for a wife who hasn't been even kissed by another man beforehand.

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