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How do you become a better/cooler/more peaceful/loving human being, even at 44 years old, if you don't at least try to understand what you'll never ever understand? I don't imagine it was always easy to be married to me, or even ever easy.

I'm divorced now so on the surface that says something.

Believe me, the last thing I want to do is blame Black women for the huge number of Black men who refuse to take part in parenting their children – we get blamed enough for the actions of others, but pretending that the epidemic level of fatherlessness is not affecting Black children negatively – well into adulthood, is nothing more than denial. I have noticed, since I was a teen, that girls (like myself) who were raised by their fathers were not getting pregnant or acting desperate for male attention.

While those who had single moms usually popped out at least one kid by graduation day, if they even graduated.

As adults these fatherless women tend to seek a man with “swag” or “swagger”, whatever the hell that is.

(Note: growing up, I was led to believe that SWAG was an acronym, a mafia term, meaning ‘stolen without a gun’.) And the boys…Those without a positive male role model, which is at least 85% (I’m being generous) of those without their father in the home, end up displaying violent criminal behaviors, sociopathic and misogynistic tendencies, and a deep seated anger.

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When I grew-up, not having a father in the home was unusual (60's) and the absence was strongly felt by the children of those 'absent fathers.' It leaves a void in both boys and girls (perhaps, because studies have shown that we learn what to do from our same sex parent, ... Sadly, it seems like absent fathers are today almost the 'rule rather than the exception' -- and who can really say if the children of these 'shiftless' fathers are better or worse-off in their absence?

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  1. It was the man's girlfriend's reaction that appeared to convince him she was the crazy one, as she sent him angry texts and yelled at him when she found out.'First and last time I ever talked to that guy,' the woman wrote.