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In order to set up the Slack integration for your agent, you'll need the following: You can test your agent without creating a public Slack bot.To do so, go to the Integrations page for your agent and click the switch on the Slack tile.Yesterday, Microsoft unveiled Tay โ€” a Twitter bot that the company described as an experiment in "conversational understanding." The more you chat with Tay, said Microsoft, the smarter it gets, learning to engage people through "casual and playful conversation." Unfortunately, the conversations didn't stay playful for long.Pretty soon after Tay launched, people starting tweeting the bot with all sorts of misogynistic, racist, and Donald Trumpist remarks.Since you've already gained access to the terminal, it is useless.

Great work with this @jsngr @shivkanthb ๐Ÿ™Œ@fredrivett @jsngr @shivkanthb Just 'remembered ๐Ÿ˜', nah, thought of a great use case for this!

If you have a high enough Science skill (60 upwards) you can program the bot yourself using the terminal you have already discovered.

Alternately, you need to get a holotape with a program on, which can be obtained from Ralph at Mick & Ralph's.

'just tracked that you left your keys in the fridge again'[email protected] @jsngr @shivkanthb Yeah auto setup quick commands like that that know what you'll need to take with you would be cool. Any more info on how you built it from a technical point of view? (Telegram, Messenger, etc.) Sending an SMS from a 44 to a 1 number gets pretty expensive ๐Ÿ˜ If it works as well as you claim, this could really take off. Plans are certainly to expand into other messaging platforms, just wanted to get the universal one out of the way :)@jsngr @sprusr Quick tip: In addition to asking for the phone number on the website also just put the bot's number on your site and have people text "hello" to get started.

It took less than 24 hours for Twitter to corrupt an innocent AI chatbot.

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