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They don’t need to know what is going on in your personal life.If you choose to share that is your decision but if not then other people need to back off and give you some space.Again there is nothing wrong with sleeping or having intercourse with different people.Last night Toni Braxton stopped by the "Chelsea Lately" show to chit chat with host and comedian Chelsea Handler about everything going on in her life.He has, however, admitted previously that the fallout was unintended."My regret has always been that as a result of me saying that, Andi, unfairly, got a lot of criticism that she didn't deserve," he told (TWICE!Never listen to them if that is what they are going to say.

It could be your butt or your legs or your arms, anything you wish you could just be like “Hey, world, please look right here for one second, okay thank you” about. Your back is also probably very nice.) You could even have two chosen parts, or three! It should not include undergarments that dig into your flesh, nor shoes that cause you to teeter instead of strut.

Picture a chewy, sprinkle-loaded chocolate chip cookie, topped with Double Stuf Oreos, capped off with a fudgy brownie layer, baked until just set and drizzled in glossy chocolate ganache.

and you don't even have to be a bad girl to lust over them.

(“Slozy,” if you’re looking to save time.) Like porn, slozy is hard to define but you know it when you see it: think cleavage and big chunky cardigans, backless tops and comfy shoes.

It’s that particular mashup of things that look great with things that feel great.

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