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By the end of the private two-hour testimony, every member of the audience had tears in his or her eyes. It was a moment of cataclysm for me."Bunting knows military academies. with his mission accomplished, Bunting was a particularly astute choice to serve on Rumsfeld's panel, which was headed by former Republican congresswoman Tillie Fowler.

"It was just devastating," retired lieutenant general Josiah Bunting III said later. As the former superintendent of the Virginia Military Institute, Bunting opposed allowing women to attend that school, which had been a southern male bastion since 1839. But even the reports Bunting had read on the academy scandal in the newspapers, and his own experience with the macho rigors of V. I.'s infamous "rat line," a hazing ritual, did not prepare him for what he heard in Colorado Springs on July 10.

Four young women dressed in civilian clothes entered an office conference room in Colorado Springs on July 10, 2003.

They sat down and one by one told their stories of how, while attending the nearby United States Air Force Academy, they had been raped by fellow cadets and subsequently punished by the academy's administrators. They spoke instead to seven people: a former congresswoman, two retired generals, a retired colonel, a military sociologist, a rape-victim advocate, and a psychiatrist, all of whom had been handpicked by Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld to investigate the burgeoning scandal at the academy.

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Women make up roughly 16 percent of the Air Force Academy's cadet wing (as the student body is referred to).

Those who still live there reside in "Terlingua Proper" and make good business off of the frequent tourists who stop by to see the abandoned churches and buildings that still stand, as well as visitors to the surrounding Big Bend parks.

But she and her classmates Lisa Ballas and Jessica Brakey, who'd also reported sexual assaults, decided to fight the system.

LOS ANGELES — Former rap mogul Marion “Suge” Knight pleaded not guilty today to a charge of threatening the director of the film “Straight Outta Compton.” Knight, who was ordered to return to court Aug.

During his 25-year career as a Los Angeles police detective, Paul Masuyama tracked down killers, brought justice for their victims and secured some closure for families.

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