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Actress Bae Doo-na broke up with her British actor boyfriend Jim Sturgess.Bae's agency on Thursday confirmed the split but said it did not know when and why they broke up as this was strictly a personal matter.As a brief break from London burning though, have a look at this photo of Ealing and the #riotcleanup. I feel really uneasy about the date change (was originally supposed to be July, and obviously July 15th would have been ideal) and then you know my thoughts on the first trailer Full Story Last summer I read a book called One Day. I was even optimistic when I found out they were making the movie, because David Nicholls is a screenwriter too, and One Day was easily adaptable.Last night over in New York, Anne Hathaway’s really small waist showed up in an Alexander Mc Queen dress alongside Jim Sturgess for the premiere of One Day. When they cast Anne Hathaway as Emma and Jim Sturgess as Dex, I was beyond excited.Her latest work, an American sci-fi series "Sense8," will be streamed on Netflix in June. Naturally there followed reports that the two were hot for each other and that Robert Pattinson should be worried.There was nothing overt to suggest that it was happening but I remember thinking it was cute that she was struggling with the language and he was helping her out.

I saw it at a press screening at the festival—Joanna and I were both completely floored by its unmitigated rancidness—but before it premiered for the public, it was pulled from the TIFF lineup because the director, Matthew Cullen, sued the producers Full Story It’s been a while. It’s just that, well, none of what he’s been working on has been very high profile.It’s the true story about a dude from the 80s who sold furniture but also robbed banks on the side because he thought that might turn on his girlfriend. Aside from “cheated on Adrian Grenier with Shia La Beouf” and “flower child”, what do we know about this girl? Full Story This is Jim Sturgess at the LA premiere of Cloud Atlas last night getting ready for Movember I guess? Long attached to the part of Buckley, James Franco exited stage left a while back when everyone realized he can’t sing to save his life, which opened up a coveted role for young actors.Full Story I was about write, “Why didn’t they premiere this in London”, and then I realised that would be a really bad idea right now. but Bae Doo Na has been suspected in to the older woman role. the more he opens his mouth about things that require thought and self reflection the less i like aside, they look really cute together and i hope he treats her r SO OBVIOUSLY they are qt! i still haven't seen cloud atlas but i hope she lands more hollywood roles. still waiting (and hoping) she was the actress who is suppose to co star in Donghae's impending "never heard about since it was announced" film.nothing new has really been said. i'm surprised not a peep has been mentioned for a movie that is suppose to be released later in the year.i love bae but jim is an ignorant fool.

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